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Staying Positive In the Face of Tragedy

Staying Positive In the Face of Tragedy Wendy Zellea

Many of us wonder why tragedies happen. Lately the question has been asked much more frequently due to the earthquakes, tsunamis, and wars occurring all over the world. We know that Earth is evolving, the ascension process is accelerating, and many of us believe that everything happens as it should, according to divine plan. Personally, I choose to look on the brighter side of life and see what possible good can come out of such seemingly horrible occurrences.

Consider that when these events take place, the amount of love, light, prayers, healing energy, and plain old good wishes sent with caring and loving intention is magnified exponentially. Loving, positive energy is felt all across the globe, even reaching into the higher dimension to which we are all connected. Those who do not usually experience an outpouring of such levels of gratitude, love, prayers, and healing energy are now in the position to do so.