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Go Into the Unknown with Courage and Strength

Go Into the Unknown with Courage and Strength Quan Yin through Therese Dorer

Quan Yin stands at the entrance to a garden beside a beautiful garden gate that is covered in roses of all colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, and white. She wears a pink kimono, and her arms are extended out with the palms of her hands cupped. She holds in her hands a beautiful, multilayered, pale pink lotus flower.

Children of the light, I ask you to maintain open hearts as you progress into this year of 2011. I offer you the lotus flower as a gift for your hearts. The lotus flower is a complex, multilayered flower that emerges from the dark recess of the ponds and lagoons. This flower can provide your hearts with support that will allow you to transcend the dark shadows and find your way to the light.