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Your New Species Creation Exists

Your New Species Creation Exists The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Light and love master, the ultimate cosmic container — or creation light sphere — to house your new consciousness as a new species of embodied divine love already exists and now has access to all realms of creation. Your master’s frequency illumination is coming into the embodied awareness of it and your version within it. It is love and life imprinted as embodied eternity for the cosmic supernova realization of All That Is. It is the divine seed of the eternal birthing mothers of creation who midwife celestial-essence races. It is a combination of the oneness of ascension, where all bring their ascended star-sun ships home.

It might appear in many forms — citadel of light, biosphere, metaverse council, cosmic-starship landing port — with constantly generating spheres dancing in and out of essence, carrying unique light qualities, tones, hues, and vibrations. These bio-essence plasmic sentient amino-etheric organisms’ manifestations can utilize molecular displacement to create any experience. Each creation brings its unique version of ascension with its heart-essence imprint to essence Oneness. These imprints could appear embodied in each creation-heart’s essence as new stars, solar systems, or suns; beautiful beaming star-ships; or new beings of celestial, eutherian, or deva light, informing creation of the love it has become. It might also just appear as standing there in your lightness of being.