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You Are Here to Hold Truth

You Are Here to Hold Truth RA through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am RA, and I come forth to speak with you once again. Why would I come forth to specifically speak to those who open this volume to receive guidance from so many wonderful sources? It’s because, my dears, you are just that — advanced beings who are opening yourselves to guidance and, more so, to how you can receive inner guidance. That is admirable, my dears. It is especially admirable during these times of great chaos and untruth.

It seems that never before has there been such falsities purported to be truth spreading over the entire Earth, covering all beings and covering Earth herself. That is what I’d like to speak with you about and the part you play in this great time of emergence. You see, while the untruth is spread “far and wide,” as you have the words, emerging from the very core of what is called human spirit beings, there are those who, like you, recognize the untruth. Now let’s begin right there, shall we?