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In the World and of the World but Not Bound by It

In the World and of the World but Not Bound by It Dr. Katherine Newburgh

Many of us beings of subtlety and depth feel out of place in this brash and clamoring world. It feels foreign to us. Our souls are templated for quiet, reflection, and harmony and become run down, worn out, and exhausted trying to meet the demands of a world that operates according to rules that are unnatural and arbitrary. Deep down, in the free-flowing river of our unfettered souls, we know that the constructs in which we live — the constructs of time, money, schedules, and to-do lists — are not who we are. In this fraught time of converging prophecies, humanity stands at the brink of a collective shift in consciousness.

In this shift, humans will learn to evolve and thrive rather than just survive. The shift is fundamental, affecting all aspects of our lives and the systems in which we live. It is also inevitable, as it is powered by the implacable will of evolution itself. In this time of great change, when thriving emerges as the driving force of our evolution, all that is not in accordance with love will fall away