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We Are Free to Go Forward

We Are Free to Go Forward Inspired Information through Sara Wiseman

We are awakening together as collective soul. What affects one affects One. What affects one affects All. We can be sure that our awakening sparks the awakening of others. We can also know that we are awake by virtue of those who have awakened before us.

Each soul sparks the next, and all souls rise to the level of highest vibration. It does not really matter where we start. There is no hierarchy of souls. Consciousness always rises to the highest level, which is the highest level in the room, in the town, in the city, on the planet, and in the universe. It also does not really matter where we are in the development of our mind/ego/personality or what our station or situation is in the world. The world and how we fit into it has nothing to do with our ability to awaken or our desire to live in conscious awareness.