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Synchronicity with the Wind

Synchronicity with the Wind The Wind through Robert Shapiro

There is a time coming when people will need to make motions together. Picture for a moment your idea of a dance class, or even a Tai Chi class, where people are making motions together in a way of synchronized harmony. The reason to do this practice is to bring about peace within yourself as an individual and to bring about a greater sense of stability for the social aspect of cultures that will need that sense of motion. The nature of motion is the expression of physical activity to simply exist: Your heart beats, your blood circulates, you breathe, and you understand.

To move toward a homogeneous society of human beings on Earth, it would be helpful for everyone to experience a day (it doesn’t have to be at the same time) of some kind of motion that’s in synchronization with others. That’s why I offered the idea of Tai Chi or a dance class. It could also be some form of exercise with everybody doing it as close as possible to the same time. I don’t expect you to do pushups that way, because you might not be able to see the other person, but some form of movement together. This can be done by 10 or 12 people, or it can be done by 100 people