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Prepare a Space for Growth

Prepare a Space for Growth Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

Greetings. Some time ago, we spoke of the problems arising from extreme emotional reactions to the challenges of this particular time in history, that there would be a great polarization throughout the planet, decisions would be taken not from wisdom but from a heightened emotion, and this would lead to a considerable imbalance of creation. It was never going to cease at the doorstep of the human being. It would always go into the fields, the seas, and the sky, for once there is a slight imbalance (which could have been created many years ago), then there is no reversing the attitudes of the human being.

By “attitudes,” we speak of the extreme emotion of living from that emotional level. Of course, you respond to everything on Earth with your emotions, which is how it should be. However, when everything is rooted in that one response, there are problems, and there is no balance of the mental or spiritual body. Of course, in many parts of the world, there is chaos, lost hope, and tremendous fear. And it is even harder to have a clear perspective of the world because it has been distorted, made impure, from the imbalance and chaos that has affected even the sharpest minds.