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Pluto Brings Generational Changes

Pluto Brings Generational Changes Cal Garrison

In wondering how to approach my first article for the Sedona Journal of Emergence, I started thinking about how close we are to the vernal equinox, and I decided to draw on themes of newness and change. The Sun’s passage into Aries is only part of it, as shifts are occurring in a number of places. For example, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto have already, or are getting ready, to change signs. Jupiter crossed the Aries point on the winter solstice, Saturn will shift into Pisces three months from now in the late degrees of Aquarius, and Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23, 2023, after a fifteen-year stint in Capricorn. There is much to say about these three transits. Jupiter’s passage into Aries will loan us the faith to start on a whole new path. Saturn’s ingress into Pisces will make it easier for us to let go of the past and let God guide us to whatever the future holds. The bigger picture will be framed by whatever Pluto does when he transits Aquarius.

Pluto is a generational planet. He works from the inside out. His influence is subtle and slow. The Plutonian archetype permeates the grassroots and oversees the changes that roll us from one paradigm to the next. Over time, his machinations snowball and alter everything about us. As he moves from one sign to the next, human consciousness is infused with energies, ideas, and beliefs intrinsic to each sign. What lies on the road ahead will be colored by what is intrinsic to the Aquarian archetype.