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Humanity Is Making Headway

Humanity Is Making Headway The Keeper of Time and Merlia through Steve Rother

The Keeper of Time: Greetings from Home, dear one. I am the Keeper of Time. I join you this day, for you are in a magical time of change. Yes, many of you think there are great difficulties on Earth, and there are. Humans don’t really handle change well, do they? Even that can change. Many things are shifting on your planet, and it’s hard for you to see what we see.

We are so proud of what you’re doing, so please do not lose sight of that in the fog of humanity. You are making massive headway even in the darkness, even in those many places where you cannot see. We’re going to share with you just a little about some of the beautiful things that can happen with 8 billion people on planet Earth.