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The Crystalline Universe

The Crystalline Universe Jaap van Etten

For many people, the idea of a crystalline universe might seem far-fetched. But the reality is that the energies of all planets and suns are crystalline in nature, which is also true for Earth. Because we live in a crystalline energy system, looking at crystalline energies, their roles, and how they affect life is essential. In this and future columns, we will look at the many aspects of the crystalline universe and how they affect consciousness. We will provide information for the diversity of life in the many systems in our universe.

When people talk about crystalline energies, they mainly refer to the energies of crystals and precious stones. Many books have been written about that subject. While people claim to understand the energies of crystals, they might be correct within the context of current understanding, but our experience is minimal because we view the world and all that exists from a limited perspective. The most important aspects of recent evolution are expanding on many levels.