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The Column of Consciousness

The Column of Consciousness Jeshua of the Sacred Heart through Carlos Rubio

Dear ones, I am your brother, Jeshua. I love you. My presence is always in your present. I support you as you boldly step into your mission every day. I am the courage and the resilience that is vested in you in times of weakness. I am the love that is poured over your being as a cascade of blessings. I am the light that walks alongside your light, and together we endeavor to ignite others who are ready and hungry for the meals of wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

You are here to help elevate the vibratory rate of the consciousness on Earth. You are a unique and indispensable part of God’s grandiose plan. Be happy and excited to wake up every day and know that you are an active participant. Your light is your most valuable possession. It is what makes up the real you.