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You Are Sacred Warriors of the Heart

You Are Sacred Warriors of the Heart Chief Big Bear through Saryon Michael White

Saryon: A portal of connection with the Native American inhabitants of the inner planes has opened. This has allowed many Native American healers, guardians, and master elders in spirit to connect with us and perform powerful healing ceremonies on our behalf that can touch our lives as never before. They are doing important spiritual work now to help us awaken, heal, and fulfill our shared purpose as guardians of Earth.

Chief Mistahi Maskwa, also known as Chief Big Bear, has come forth as one of the main speakers and facilitators through this energetic opening, the blessing of which is reaching far and wide. He offers himself to us as a spiritual guide and comes to connect us with the many energetic and spiritual gifts that have been prepared for us. They sometimes refer to this portal as a meeting place where our vibrations are equalized with theirs as we step into a new vibration of Earth with their healing support. They speak of us as sacred warriors of the heart. This is Chief Big Bear’s second message.