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Sing Your Soul Song

Sing Your Soul Song Constellation Musica through Thelma Bodnar

Singing, dancing, and playing, these are all great activities we enjoy, but in reality, how often do we engage? Ah, “engage” — a great word to think on. We’ve all danced and sang and played even if it was long, long ago. We enjoyed it then, but we may feel we’ve grown up and don’t need that in our lives any more. So if we choose not to partake, where do we find the joy in our lives?

We each have a soul song, a melody all our own that we’re meant to share with ourselves, others, and the universe. Your soul song is the voice that points you toward your truest self. Can you sing a soul song? Or is it meant to be silent in your heart and soul, and you merely send out the essence of it into the ethers? It can be both, of course, but singing your soul song out loud solely for yourself can be empowering and enlightening even if there are no words to go with your tune. Your soul knows the words and the tune. Your soul knows when you need to hear it and express it if only you’d heed its nudging