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The Practice of Feeling

The Practice of Feeling Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

Now I will speak of truth and love. It is most important to understand that love contains no element of truth. It has become the biggest challenge for all beings to understand that your society suffers from being saturated by the concept and practice of truth. For you to truly understand this, we must begin with the feeling of love. Love that you feel in your body is truly the name for Creator. That is why in ancient texts it was often referred to as “that which is not named.” Even in some of today’s religions that remains the case: one does not speak the name. This has passed down to certain individuals and they have put it into the records of the religion. Although it is not clear, I will make it so.

The function of Creator as love is intended to be ultimately manifested by all people here on Earth, and to the extent that you manifest it, the animals and plants and elements will reflect it. Let us understand briefly what has happened — how we came to have gods practicing religions who speak words that are to be followed and if not, punishment comes. This is not an insidious evil force, but reflects humankind’s need for authority