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The Lightbody Shift to the Ascended, Stellar Form

The Lightbody Shift to the Ascended, Stellar Form The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Welcome, energy communication masters, energy potential magi, love- and life-fulfillment masters, and those awakening. Let’s review the energy dynamics of your next conscious energy-matter potential, which is the shift of the lightbody to an ascended form or imprint vessel. The new bio-organic species imprints as one new cosmic race for humanity that you are anchoring as a new genetic code light-species superuniverse. Herein, you will be imprinting new conscious matter of any life form in a free energy vessel that then grows into a stellar form or biosphere of light with infinite unknowns. Indeed, you have mastered your biogenetic experiment and exploration of your creation in which all possibilities and potentials of a unique divine-human soul can be experienced and grown in biological love mastery.

In your newly born superuniverse(s), you live beyond time, technology, physics, polarity, judgment, human mind and emotion wound limitations, science, and any distorted dinosaur systems that interfere with natural evolution. You have mastered third and fourth space-time density life. In the past-futures of old Earth, universal DNA codes of your choice mastered singularity of space-time polarity, limitation, distortion, fear of survival, illusion programming, death, and disease. Your energy had the experience of being trapped or enslaved inside separation from direct essence communication with your soul-spirit and the soul’s recorder memory system