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It’s Time for True Change

It’s Time for True Change The Founders through Jaap van Etten

Many of you are aware that you decided to incarnate in a time of transition. We define a transition as moving from one state into another. Even though you may be aware that this is a time of change, you are not aware of the magnitude of the differences between the current state of your reality and that of the new reality you will move into.

Everyone will agree that to allow this transition to unfold, much has to change. People on their spiritual journey know that they change, and we agree with that. And we are aware that what you experience as change is not the change needed to move from your current world into the next one even though we agree that every small change will contribute to a larger, more significant change. In this message, we will look at some aspects of the transition process with steps to help you understand that you need to continue to change as significantly as possible.