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Harmonize with Soul-Heart Destiny

Harmonize with Soul-Heart Destiny Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The energies for March 2022 are all about harmonizing with one’s soul-heart destiny on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etherically, and karmically with all people, places, and circumstances. It might be a suitable time for departing, releasing, and setting the self free from that which is disharmonious and acting as fear-based limitations to following one’s true path. This harmony is found by aligning within to one’s soul-heart, the inner-truth center devoid of personality or ego. Discovering this inner truth moves one out of limiting beliefs, needs, and expectations into the expansive energies that propel one forward on the path, revealing deeply hidden unconscious ways to harmony that may now be explored.

Each person is destined to discover, recognize, and acknowledge his or her soul-heart’s path and destiny. Whether accepted and done in a smooth, easy manner without drama and trauma is freewill choice. Major transformation is afoot, devoid of desires, expectations, or beliefs. This is a time of great clarification, revelation, and transformation as the human kingdom discovers the cosmic truth of human projections, demands, or expectations