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The Flower of Life and the Second Chakra

The Flower of Life and the Second Chakra the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

Pat: This message comes from the input from Archangel Michael, Reshel (the Divine Feminine aspect of Lord Metatron), and the Elohim beings I call the angels of forgiveness, also known as the spirit guides of the portal of Lake Titicaca. There were other beings of light present during this transmission; some of them do not have known earthly names.

Cosmic Council: Beloveds, how sweet and powerful it is that the evolution of light — the ascension project — is happening so beautifully now on your planet and for you all. Those of us in the realms of light and beauty hold you in the fulfillment of the vision for the grandest of outcomes in this truly revolutionary project you are all so joyfully engaged in. Amid the joy is the turmoil of the cleansing process that all beings must do if they are going to ride into the new and higher frequencies bursting forth toward you and your solar system.