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The Crystal Garden

The Crystal Garden Margaret Ann Lembo

Luck is a state of mind and could be part of your belief system. Do you feel lucky in all your pursuits? Recognize your good fortune. Focus on your vast abundance, and you will attract more. Believe that all you do flows with ease and providence. Physical rewards in the form of financial success can be achieved with focus, action, and intelligence.

There are many gemstones you can carry or have nearby that will help you align with remembering that you are a lucky person. Amulets have been used for protection and good luck since our earliest recorded history. While an amulet can be made of virtually any material, crystals bring the added benefit of their positive associations and intentions. The word “amulet” is synonymous with the terms “lucky charm,” “totem,” “fetish,” “juju,” “talisman,” and more; however, there are minor variations in meaning.