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We Are Heaven on Earth

We Are Heaven on Earth Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

If we are to create heaven on Earth, we must first be heaven on Earth. This means many things to many different people. What does it mean to you? As a goddess, you have a concept of heaven as all light and love, filled with beings of light living in peace and harmony each moment of every day. This is a beginning. Can you do that? Of course you can. It requires diligence, work, and responsibility, but it is doable.

As you experience moments during the day when you are in complete peace and harmony, you know this is heaven. You feel this heaven, and then you feel the intrusion of the ego and it is lost, or is it? It is not lost. You just allowed your ego to replace it for a moment. It is like interference with a computer Wi-Fi connection. It says, “Lost connection, try again.” If you swear and think negative thoughts as you are bombarded by the outside world, it is a momentary loss of consciousness