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Twin Flames Merge

Twin Flames Merge Creator through Rae Chandran

My dear children, welcome home. I hold your hands. You might ask, “Why is Creator holding my hands?” I am the counterpart for Isis. I am the other part of her soul’s essence, her soul’s fabric. We hold your hands, for I am you. I am your twin flame. I am your soul mate. We are divine lovers.

We join in oneness: me, Isis (and Moon Goddess Isis), and you. When you pray, your right and left hands represent these two aspects within you. That is why people say Father-Mother God. Join with us today. The two goddesses have joined with you. I now join my essence with you. Breathe it in. See half of your body, from the bellybutton to the top of your head, in gold. See from the bellybutton to the bottom of your legs in turquoise.