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Self-Identity: Where Do You Stand?

Self-Identity: Where Do You Stand? The 144 through, 000 through Kenton David Bell

Much is going on in our channel and all of you in the world at this time. Some of you see the world as if it’s in crisis, which is not wrong, but we would like to frame it a little differently. You could see what’s going on as crisis or opportunity or as breakdown or breakthrough. It all depends on where you’re standing. More importantly, it depends on your self-identity — the construct you have created of who you believe you are and who you are not. We will also talk about how this all weaves together into the process of ascension and enlightenment for the species.

What is happening right now on the planet (and has never happened before) is the question of identity — your identity, the identity of others, and how you relate. What wheelhouse you put your identity in and where you stand in your wheelhouse determines how you see others and their identities and how you judge them as right or wrong, allies or enemies, and so on.