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Prepare for a Delightful Shock

Prepare for a Delightful Shock The Divine through Sara Wiseman

It is no longer Groundhog Day. You lift your head up out of the ground that has been this past year, and you no longer see the long shadow. You see, even as you repeat your days and nights — over and over again, the same for a year — that the light is here. There is a glimmer, and this is hope. It is real, and you can count on it.

Now is the time to clear out all the trauma of this past year and prepare to begin again. Begin again with clear eyes from a place of having seen it all, and understand that you will never go through this again. You will not allow it — the personal you and the You that is the soul collective. The time of fear and anger is coming to a close. It was a war of two worlds — one seeking separation and the other knowing that separation is not possible. This planet is not only an ecosystem but also the matrix of one soul. The understanding of connection has come at a price — when you did not believe you were one, you suffered. Now, coming out of the ground, you have the opportunity to put what you have learned into action.