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Many Are Ready to Support You

Many Are Ready to Support You The Sirian Cat People through Jaap van Etten

Many of you were aware of us in ancient Egypt. We’ve been mostly forgotten, but memories of us are coming to the surface. You have given us different names, such as the Lion People (image 1) or the Cat People. We prefer Cat People because it includes the various cat species you are familiar with even though they are separate beings and not causally related to us. We provided information that supported the diversity in the cat species on your planet.

We are one of the different groups that live on Sirius’s planets with deep connections to your planet Earth. Earth is very dear to us. That does not mean we have the right to influence things on your planet, but we have the right to show ourselves to you and say, “Here we are if you want our help. Here we are if you would like us to share certain information. Here we are if you want to collaborate with us and make specific shifts and changes aligned with Gaia’s evolution.”