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Human Energy Systems

Human Energy Systems Charles Shahar

All life forms have a pranic or etheric envelope surrounding them that is in a state of perpetual motion, pulsating and scintillating in the etheric field. The pranic aura of living beings, by its very definition, is alive in the etheric plane, literally throbbing with vitality. The more sophisticated the life form, the more differentiated the texture and structure of the pranic field.

A person’s pranic field is composed of a web, or matrix, of intersecting lines of energy called nadis by the yogis. The etheric body extends two to three inches from the physical organism, and you can see it sometimes as a kind of shiny glow on the face and body of an exceptionally vital individual. In cases where the pranic body is especially pronounced, it projects even farther from the person and radiates a powerful energy that can be felt by anyone in its proximity.