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Hold Accountable Those Who Are Responsible

Hold Accountable Those Who Are Responsible Lynn Buess

The global emphasis this month is on the distribution, administration, use, and misuse of authority and money, especially the application of emotional control over them. It is clear to see the multiple and major agendas at work amid the health and monetary crisis being injected on the global population at this juncture in planetary evolution.

Do you investigate those claiming authority and take time to know how your institutional money is being handled? Are you too busy to monitor decisions and policies being created on both sides that are hazardous to your health and well-being? Events of this time will soon reveal the extent of lies, abuse of funds, massive corruption, and treasonous acts taking place in America. Expect both the revolting and revealing from those you have appointed or have unwittingly let be appointed. It is time for citizens to ask for investigation and accountability rather than listen to announcements prepared in advance to deny and distract from what is happening.