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Experience More Enchantment

Experience More Enchantment Donna Taylor

After many months of extreme tension in the sky, it is a relief to see some softer energies for March. This isn’t to say that all will suddenly be wonderful, because we are in the ongoing backdrop of the shifting astrological ages from Pisces to Aquarius, which implies a major shakeup of life on Earth. But March offers some room to breathe — a way to slip into a softer space, should we choose it.

The Sun’s alignment with dreamy Neptune in Pisces, which will later be joined by Venus, creates a highervibrational energy we can tap into if we are prepared to lift our thoughts. Thoughts, as we know, are things that impress themselves on the malleable fabric of reality and create the results we see in our daily lives. We sometimes need reminding that the thoughts we regularly entertain will eventually take some kind of form even if they manifest as dark clouds when our thoughts turn negative.