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Cocreate the New Now

Cocreate the New Now The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

Humanity on your planet has endured a year of seemingly unbearable pain, suffering, and loss. The scourge of a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic has taken away many joys, people, places, and things you once loved. The memory of this time on your Earth will be forever seared into your hearts and minds.

Many of you wonder how to resurrect yourselves from such tragic and crushing circumstances. There are no easy answers, but perhaps from this devastating experience, valuable lessons will be learned. New paths open for what will eventually renew and instill hope through human regeneration and evolution of consciousness, heart-love, and the human brain. To accomplish what you are to do and become on Earth, you will need to work on upgrading the human mind for 2021. As the normal brain/mind evolves, new thoughts bring new talents, creations, abilities, and innovative tools that help all people re-create their personal inner and outer worlds.