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Beyond the House of Mirrors

Beyond the House of Mirrors Observer through Steve Rother

I join you this day because a shift of energy lies just ahead. These opportunities let you see each other at higher levels, and we’re hoping this energy will ground over the next several months. Stepping up might not be an easy process, especially as division continues to grow.

With the recent health struggles, it has become more difficult to take the next steps up. But if all you can do is reach out your hands to harmonize with those around you, you’ll understand how simple it can be. You become incredibly strong when you reach out in that way. Sometimes others are focused in different ways, or perhaps you don’t want to get too close physically, but the vibratory harmony of the human heart makes all the difference in the world. The human heart is naturally empathic and wired for good, and it speaks its own language of harmony. Allow that energy to rise, for even if you are separated in other ways, you will plant important seeds of light for the future.