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Ask Sara Sara Wiseman

A strange thing ( for me) happened recently. My son, who had been unwell from the effects of his medication, told me he could see stars — literally. I looked at him from across the room and saw stars around him. It was like when the sun is shining through a window and you see dust particles in the air, only these were stars, not dust. I didn’t say anything because l didn’t want to alarm him — he doesn’t understand my spiritual journey — but l wondered later whether this could have been angels surrounding him. I had asked them to support him for a healthy outcome. — Carrie

From Sara:One of my first memories is of being a child of four, standing in the middle of the living room and seeing stars in the air. These stars were not just floating or drifting; they were dancing. My mother explained it away as dust particles, but you are right — they were something more. We are taught that air is nothing, but it is conscious essence, the same as everything else. The particulate energy that makes up all things is conscious because the entire universe is conscious. Everything — every little thing — has the ability to connect with our consciousness. Souls speak to souls in small ways, such as stars dancing in the air, and in bigger ways, such as angels making their presences known as apparitions or energy in the room.