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Align Your Personal Rhythm with the Cosmos

Align Your Personal Rhythm with the Cosmos The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

March 2021 is all about discovering ways to align your personal rhythm and vibration with the incoming harmonizing energies in your surroundings, thoughts, and process of harmonization with your body, mind, spirit, and emotions. These are all spheres of influence and interconnectedness between self, others, and the world at large. They receive vibrational input from the Aquarian point of avatar. This is the aspect of the Sphinx being faced head-on, giving the members of the human kingdom their own personal riddle, whose answer determines alignment with the soul-heart’s destiny. Vibrational harmonizing energies, messages, and attunements are received in waking, dreaming, and meditative states. These empower expansion, vision, and ability to express these harmonious energies regardless of the appearance of outside circumstances.

Toning, music, drumming, and sound patterns and rhythms in nature and its cycles help to maintain this balanced reciprocity with all within your vicinity. Those whose vibration and alignment are incongruent will seek alternative locales in which to reside. It is extremely crucial that each person go inward to seek harmony, tone, and rhythm rather than following that of another.