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You Are Now in a New Consciousness

You Are Now in a New Consciousness Athanatos through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings, mercy. This is Athanatos. It’s a name on St. Michael’s shield that means eternal. You are in a new consciousness now, and you are realizing it within you. Understand that you are an eternal being, and you always have been since the very beginning. Consciousness is going through a rebirth, which is the expansion of consciousness.

You have the phrase in your world “growing up” as related to your physical bodies. Spiritually, you are climbing the stairs of ascension within yourself as you “grow up.” It is what is called the completion of yourself. All the previous personalities and lifetimes you have had have brought you to the point you are now. This is the beginning of, what you beings call, a transformation, and you are beginning to understand the importance of being yourself.

You are in a time when you are figuring out who you really are — not only what you have done but also what you are doing in your now moment, plus the anticipation of the future moments. You are going to come out stronger as you finish this phase. The most important thing to remember through all this is your divinity, so tune in to that. What all humanity is beginning to experience is our nearness to you. Sometimes that can cause distortions, especially in belief systems. It’s the understanding of the presence of “the Presence” in the present moment.