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Wear Your Energy Body in Good Health

Wear Your Energy Body in Good Health Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

Here we are again, a meeting of minds and energy. We have a message of some import to share with you that is personal as well as public. You are primed to go through a monumental shift very soon. This shift is not the physical death you humans fear, but it is a kind of death. You will leave behind much of how you now live. Your physical life will not expire, but life in your true form of energy will take precedence, and you will wear your physical body in a different manner.

As you exist now, the majority of your awareness is directed toward your physical body — how it feels, what state of health it is in, how much energy and strength it has. The coming shift will bring a new awareness of your true nature. You will come to realize that you, the true being that you are, exist as energy and not blood, muscle, skin, and bones.

In your current state of awareness, you often allow your physical state to inhibit your ability to function optimally. For example, if your body is in pain, you avoid doing any movements that trigger the pain. This inhibits you from fully experiencing your ability to function. The shift, which is coming soon, is a realignment of focus to your true nature as a being of energy. As such, you will have unlimited ability to control the physical body in which you reside.