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Trust in the Cocreation Process

Trust in the Cocreation Process Adora through Jenine Beecher

Hello, I am Adora of the Pleiades. I feel light and giving today, and I want to pass on news of goodwill and tidings. It’s been a particularly difficult time for you, and now you must open and allow the energy of new foresight and opportunity to enter.

You have been in a reactionary mode. You have been in a protection mode and a survival mode. It is hard to detach from survival and enter into receiving and opening, but as you have noticed, everything is in sync. When you look back, you see the patterns and weavings — the magical intensity of the pieces that lined up for you to be where you are in the present.

Now that you have given yourself the gift of hindsight, you must use that hindsight to understand how the universe weaves. Trust in the universe’s ability to weave on your behalf. Even though you have been in survival mode, the universe has been taking care of all the pieces for you and helping you weave them.