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Step into Fearlessness

Step into Fearlessness Angel Raphael through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

This is Raphael. Among the many concerns that humans face, fear has been called forward by your leaders of great renown as an issue to face in 2020. It is not that circumstances are dire (although they are dire to an animal in a brushfire or a person under threat of a missile attack). We are not giving predictions here. We are just saying that, yes, sometimes life presents life-threatening circumstance. But for the most part, what comes forward in 2020 is the opportunity to confront fear and choose differently.

For most of humankind’s history, fear has been the ruler, and it is time for humans to embrace fearlessness.

Fear is a useful tool, like salt. A little salt in food can be nourishing and makes it taste better. A lot of salt in food makes it unnourishing and sickening. A little fear is instructive and acts as a warning. It keeps you from slipping off a cliff or burning yourself in a fire. Fear has a place, and we don’t want to cast it out of the universe.