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The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Chippy Expresses His Pet Peeves

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Chippy Expresses His Pet Peeves Kim Malonie

John D., Ontario, Canada: Chippy is a five-year-old handsome little guy, a mixture of French bulldog and pug. He always stands on his back legs and paws at people when they arrive or leave our house. We also find it very disturbing that he nips at people when he’s on his lead, and he barks and yelps when any vehicle or bicycle goes by and we’re outside. He whines like crazy when he rides in the golf cart, but he is fine in the car. I hope you can help us understand him better so that we can help with these odd behaviors.

Chippy: Hi, everyone. This is Chippy! First off, let me say that I am a very excitable little being, and I get very excited when people come over to visit. I’m overjoyed and stand on my legs and paw at people coming or leaving, because I’m saying, “Hi, there! Can you see me down here?” and, “You don’t have to go so soon. Please stay longer!” There are some simple and gentle training techniques you can look up that will help me calm down. But I don’t want to get too long-winded and drawn out with that right now.

The reason I keep barking and yelping at vehicles or bicycles when we’re outside is that I love to chase things that go fast. It’s thrilling and gives me a challenge. I want to chase it and then jump on it. I didn’t say it’s a smart thing to do. I simply said that’s what I want to do and why I do it.