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Release Past Regrets

Release Past Regrets Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, my beloved beings. Here we are in the early months of 2020, but I wish to speak with you about something that is beyond time and keeping track of days. Even though we speak of lifetimes and the past and future, the truth remains that all is one. I know you’ve heard these words before and are probably rolling your eyes.

You see, when you consider that everything is one and everything is occurring in this moment, then you have something to reflect on. It might be this: How can something that occurred twenty years ago remain with you as an unhappy or unfulfilled event? It is true that memories have a way of pulling you seemingly back in time, but even within the memory, you are in the present. What does this mean?

As long as you are attached to anything — love, a distaste, anything — then you are holding on to something, an energy or frequency. What if that frequency is a distortion? What if that frequency is created by misunderstandings or willful harm to you or to others? When you attach your memory to those times, you are not actually reaching into the past; you are continuing to create the same in the present. Do you see? This is an exciting piece of information, isn’t it?