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The Power of Truth Rises

The Power of Truth Rises Lynn Buess

The universal year 4 is one of rebuilding and reconstruction. In this case, the planetary system is not working. Before an improved foundation can be established, expect upheaval and instability to continue and increase. This month, the major players of planetary power — especially those who control from behind a curtain — vent and contend with each other. Harsh repertoire, spin, and disinformation reach a peak, as all players scream louder to get their messages to the masses.

Amid all this, the power of truth rises from the ashes of dissention. More than in years past, clear information reaches the mass consciousness. Even the dumb and dumber start to sense that something is seriously wrong with leadership and the party line, no matter which party. This month is one of definition and transition toward greater light and a growing transparency and openness.