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The Planet Fights Back

The Planet Fights Back The Peacemakers

Alexander speaking through Robin: You are in an era when the political systems are showing you their limitations and many people are tuning out, especially the younger ones. They no longer automatically believe what they are told. Certainly, many of the alternate realities being bandied around, purporting to offer solutions for the issues of the day, are false remedies that will only aggravate the situation.

Many who seek to lead are exhibiting an incredible hubris. The politicians who genuinely want to face reality are being drowned out by louder voices who can whip up a crowd and gain support for the easy answers that will relieve their followers of the responsibility of facing the changes they need to make.

Your planet is very patient, but it is getting fed up with you. It has taken up its responsibility to reflect the effects of your decisions back to you, and it is now doing this in very dramatic ways.