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Phone Calls from the Future — Future History

Phone Calls from the Future — Future History The Head of the Company through Robert Shapiro

Hello, there will be a slight delay because Doc is busy, so I think I will speak and get used to the process. I’m one of the people who worked with Doc [chuckles]. I like that name. Can you hear me all right?
Yes, you are doing great.

You have questions about the mission. First, I will tell you a little bit about myself. Before Doc’s people went to the Moon, some of us in the mining business talked about the potential for mining on the Moon. We had read and heard about what we might expect. We even had a former astronaut (I think you say) come and give us a talk about what we might expect. Among other things, it was brought up that beings from other places, not of this Earth (who may or may not look like us), would probably either be there or would stop to interact with us because they were (mostly) friendly and always interested in who was coming and going.