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Most People Don’t Ask for Enough

Most People Don’t Ask for Enough Nancy Robinson

Why not me? Why not you? Why not everyone else who is ready to live the fullest and most joyful life imaginable? It’s time for you to have all that you deserve, and now is the opportunity to ask for your divine best so that the universe can increase the energies you need to assist you in receiving it. Why not you and why not now to have every area of your life filled with abundance, relationships that work, radiant health, and all the prosperity you can dream of?

Powerful universal energies have shifted and changed planetary consciousness to a new level. As a result, channels and special opportunities for new levels of peace, abundance, prosperity, and joy have opened. These energies are dissolving stagnant and outdated barriers, clearing mass consciousness energies that might have influenced you in the past and releasing lower-level patterns that might have delayed what you wanted to create.

These new frequencies support and sustain at higher levels to open doors that let you more easily manifest your biggest soul-level dreams and heart desires. They can enhance creating the extraordinary life that you want, beyond anything you have experienced before.