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The Momentous Year of 2020

The Momentous Year of 2020 Juliano; the Arcturians; and Chief White Eagle through David K. Miller

Juliano and the Arcturians: Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians. During this momentous year of 2020, we turn our attention to the issues in Australia and to our observations of the event known as the sixth mass extinction. The sixth mass extinction has been discussed and observed recently by anthropologists. They have concluded that, based on the analysis of a number of species and the habitats that are being destroyed, you are in a period of mass extinction equivalent to the previous five mass extinctions that have occurred on this planet. The most well-known mass extinction occurred approximately 65 million years ago when an asteroid of great size struck what is now near the Yucatán Peninsula, creating fires and dust in the atmosphere that led to dying forests, plant life, and so on.

Because of the devastation to plant life and life ecosystems, dinosaurs essentially became extinct. They were not able to thrive because there was no food. That mass extinction left an approximately 10 percent survival rate, meaning some plants and animals survived. Biologists and anthropologists have concluded that this mass extinction provided opportunities for other mammals, including humans, to evolve and eventually become the dominant species on the planet. This process took millions of years. If the mass extinctions of dinosaurs had not occurred, then humans and other mammals would not have had the opportunity to evolve on Earth.

The important factor is that humans, the Homo sapiens, are the dominant species on the planet. All life in all ecosystems — animals and plants in oceans, jungles, forests, and so on — depend on what humans do or do not do. The power of survival, even during the sixth mass extinction, depends on what humanity does.