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Love Is Key in Releasing the Coronavirus from Earth

Love Is Key in Releasing the Coronavirus from Earth Spirit Being; Grandfather; Arcturus Elders; Gaia; Coronavirus Spirit; and Frog Spirit through Rae Chandran

Rae: The main focus is on solutions rather than on why this virus happened. What you can do as a human being, right now: The main idea is to help those who are affected or threatened by this virus. Now, we will present some channeled messages that suggest solutions to the present problem.

Spirit Being: There is nothing to be afraid of. Fear is a strong emotion that draws energy to the object of it. Some people create chaos and tragedy to make a lot of money. Big Pharma is trying to make big money by talking about a new vaccine. Do not buy into this fear. If you buy into this fear, you will increase their power. There are two basic principles being shown to humanity at this time:

  • Earth is in a state of imbalance.
  • Third-dimensional Earth is not in alignment with its original force.