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Live in a World of Your Conscious Creation

Live in a World of Your Conscious Creation Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

What is your commitment to consciously creating your world? Do you allow your reality to form around you, or do you look at your life and take responsibility for your creation? The advantages in choosing the latter are your healing, your evolutionary growth, and a higher vibration of love to manifest your heart’s desires in the now.

When you are committed to consciously creating, versus unconsciously living your life in fear and regret, you naturally gravitate to the truth of love. Love is the essence of creation and the energy that permeates All That Is. No other force is more powerful. Fear is a factor in your journeys in third-dimensional reality, but love is infinitely more powerful and will always prevail as you move into new levels of creation.

So how do you hone your skills to consciously create a world of peace, harmony, and love? My guidance is to live your life by striving to discover more about your personal truth of what love means to you. How can you feel more love in your life? When you choose love and not fear, you recognize that you are love incarnate, and the world shifts for you.