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Final Reality Key for Ascendants

Final Reality Key for Ascendants The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How do I embody or hold my composite eternal presence stable without slipping out of my body?

Bio-light masters, there remains only one reality key to live, embody, and self-realize now in your new life’s unwritten script as you give humanity its divine memory back. The eternal self knows that life’s existence is its own purpose. This allows your eternal being to fully descend itself into a unique embodied creator. This is a composite, integrated, master wisdom-self of a sovereign soul I Am, spirit I Am, and eternal I Am. Here, being is creating in every moment and consciousness meeting itself in new-essence qualities of awareness or expanded self-realizations over and over again, which creates embodied love.

Descension and ascension have merged, creating unique new biospheres of conscious, full-spectrum, essence-imprints of light. Ascendant, sovereign, eternal beings fully embody the knowing that they live, breath, and create only inside their free-energy essence consciousness, or biosphere. They remember and know — through direct existence, expression, and animation as a spirit, soul, and human — that their very essence can change or create any life form, experience, or creation inside their organic biosphere.