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An Expanded Understanding of Our Planet Earth

An Expanded Understanding of Our Planet Earth Gaia through Jaap van Etten

I want to share some aspects of our planet that are not common knowledge. I say “our planet,” because we all share it. Earth is my physical expression, and every living being on Earth depends on her. You cannot express your spiritual essence in this world without a physical body, and neither can I. There is, however, a difference. My awareness of my physical system is much higher than yours. Most of you do not have real insight into how your body functions. That prevents you from functioning optimally as a physical system, which limits the ability of your spiritual essence to express itself.

I am quite aware of my physical system and how it works. My physical body — earth — is a playground for many beings with different levels of consciousness to learn how to function within a physical system. That helps them understand the gifts, beauty, and pitfalls of physical systems. You can say that this is my purpose.

Most of you are caught in the pitfalls of physical existence. Most even believe that the physical aspect is the only aspect that exists. Your science and technology reflect this belief. Because of this belief, you are stuck in a limited view of yourself and the planet on which you live. As long as your science hangs on to the paradigm of physicality, you will not make much progress in understanding planet Earth.