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ET Contact Update: Express Only Benevolent Feelings

ET Contact Update: Express Only Benevolent Feelings Joopah through Robert Shapiro

I will speak a little bit about the nature of the human race moving into its true form. Your true form, as you know, is not the physical body you are in. You are immortal spirits. Your personality, as you know yourself to be, is who you really are. Granted, that personality does not have the range of emotions that you might display in your human life. It is mostly calm, love, and enjoyment and other than that occasional intellectual stimulation, if an individual prefers that or enjoys that in some way.

Now, in the nature of your evolution into your natural form, it will be something that is of ease. You do not have to work at it. You don’t have to ask for it. It just happens. These times are delicate for many people, including the channel, because there are major releases going on.

Remember, in your spirit form, you have feelings and emotions, but almost everything else that you have are feelings or emotions that have to do with your now Earth life. You are releasing those, and even people at the very top who are well known (such as celebrities or even heads of state) are doing the same thing as everyday folks or people like you. They are expressing those other emotions and feelings sometimes outrageously, sometimes lovingly, and sometimes humorously, and sometimes it is not always in synchronicity with the natural feelings that you have as an immortal personality. That creates a musical cacophony, and it essentially creates confusion and disruption. Just know when it’s happening around you or when you are reading something that doesn’t make sense or when something seems strange beyond understanding, that is all about a release going on.