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Envision a World without Chaos

Envision a World without Chaos Em and Merlia through Steve Rother

Em: Greetings. I am overjoyed to be with you this day. You’ve made astounding movements in recent months. We know you sometimes can’t see it, because the chaos on planet Earth is rather intense right now, but you’re learning to move through things very quickly despite incredible distractions. Now everything can open to a new level. You’ll have more to do here than you ever thought possible. In truth, you will expend energy in a different way, and you’ll receive some help. Yes, you’ve always had help in different ways, but what’s taking place right now is especially interesting.

The Family of E had a tremendous influence on planet Earth. They actually came up with the idea of having a planet with no rules. Earth was the first planet of free choice, and for a very long time, it was the only one. That is now shifting drastically, due to the advancements humans have made. It’s magical! You’re experiencing very rapid movement, but much of what you see is largely distraction. Because of this movement, humans feel a lot of confusion and chaos, which causes frustration and anger. This is the time to bring your light work to the forefront. Many of you have been called in specifically because you’re experts at dropping the most important pieces in your path. In truth, you can take this as a call to action.