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Enter the No-Judgment Zone

Enter the No-Judgment Zone Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Greetings, dear ones. You will all have many “invitations” this year to participate in various manifestations of judgment and negativity regarding your fellow human beings and their earthly activities. For this reason, we bring you this message to hopefully steer you in other directions. Realize that when you judge others, you lower your levels of consciousness and reject your divinely given freedoms.

The pathway of judgment is rocky and strewn with many snares and pitfalls for the unwary. It leads to participation in precisely the energies you might wish to avoid. As you might surmise, engaging in lower levels of energy, such as hatred, oppression, intimidation, and judgment of your fellow human beings, is not the pathway to higher consciousness that many of you seek. While some of you do realize this truth now, many unfortunately do not, and therefore the need exists for this timely message to humanity.